Taste of Lebanon Beyond Borders

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Dear Lebanese expatriates
Dear friends of Lebanon

I am very pleased to announce that the Embassy of Lebanon in Athens will be participating at the specialized EXHIBITION OF CULTURE-TOURISM-GASTRONOMY-WINE, through its pavilion “Lebanese Taste Beyond Borders”.  The exhibition is organized by 16th European Congress of the Council of the Oenogastronomic Brotherhoods, and will be held at the Zappeion Neoclassical Conference and Exposition Building, between 19 and 21 October 2018. More than 500 chefs, as well as, wine and gastronomy experts (and their escorts) are expected to participate in this unique high-level event.

Taking part in such an Exhibition comes within the framework of the Lebanese Economic Diplomacy, aiming at achieving excellent economic relations with Greece, in all the fields of activity including trade, investment and other forms of economically mutual exchanges.

At this occasion, the Lebanese pavilion “Taste of Lebanon Beyond Borders”, held at Zappeion on 19-20-21 Oct, 2018, will be the space where you can come and enjoy the Lebanese experience through wine tasting and discovering varieties of local agri-food products. Your participation will be an added value to the success of our pavilion, and your feedback is highly appreciated.

Let us celebrate together our Lebanese   “way of life”   with true moments of joy and friendship.

Dona Barakat


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